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The ADG Academy is a development program for ADG’s Young and Emerging Professionals and has two moving parts that run in parallel streams. The first section of the ADG Academy is The ADG Way, which supports and focuses on developing an individual’s technical skills training and continued professional development. The ADG Network focuses on supporting and developing soft skills and leadership capabilities, including staff wellbeing, engagement, and support.


The ADG Way aims to help our Young and Emerging Professionals develop a deeper understanding of their chosen engineering discipline or other professional roles that transcends traditional “teaching and learning” outcomes to produce a “safe pair of hands.” This self-driven program aligns with ADG’s philosophy of developing initiative and critical thinking professionals. The ADG Way allows for a structured continuation of technical learning beyond tertiary education whilst in a practical, professional setting. This gives our Young and Emerging Professionals a clear pathway to develop their careers, from juniors and graduates to professional levels and beyond.


The ADG Network will have an overarching emotional & wellbeing focus to develop leadership and mentoring skills from Day 1 in a safe and unpressured environment. The program includes a buddy system, fortnightly planning forums, monthly workshops and quarterly socials.

Within the ADG Network, individuals new to the company are partnered with another YEP with 1-3 years of experience. This buddy system reflects an informal mentoring partnership, allowing our younger members to create a community amongst their peers of ADG to help them. The informal mentoring network will build a support network and improve engagement and wellbeing among individuals new to the construction industry.

Across Australia, our graduate and internship program offers exciting, rewarding career pathways at the forefront of transformation to a sustainable future.